Jordan, Syria, Lebanon[[Not only the Sharia, but also the high birth rate of Muslims is a hostile act against the other peoples!]] Ok! we must get out: immediately, from this culture of hatred and opposition, because, in the human intelligence, we have all the resources to deal with any problem! at Contrary? All mankind will become one only flock of Satanists: If the current system will remain the IMF: that is, seigniorage banking transfer at the jews enlightened: why, there is not hope, no even for the Jews! Give me the authority and power that are needed: I am ready to make the King of Israel and Palestine: that is Unius Rei!
Open letter to: [[Jordan, Syria, Lebanon]] we are forced: for a peaceful solution, this is in our interest, because all power: of the banking seigniorage and the NWO can not be dealt with strength: why, the enlightened have control of all the money in the world, every resource of information, policy, and now, also the space (through the satellites, can strike aircraft). So: canceled any air defense, then: it will be easy for them to play at the massacre: Also, is their massive American military industrial structure, constantly pushing for war. If we do not remove the Jews from the U.S. and the West, finally giving them the land to which they are entitled: ok! This time everyone will die! We must be convinced, only the universal brotherhood may be the solution to the bank seigniorage
@mistafied187 --You know very well that I look to all the nations of the world! because, one destiny: it involves all the nations of the world! that is, THE predation that the Jews: ENLIGHTENED: have done through the bank seigniorage: the theft: OVERALL CRIME: for all resources: everything so absolutely criminal! THE RICH HAVE BETRAYED THEIR PEOPLES
Messages of Hate in my realms are Invalid. if I hate? I'd be a loser! but I can not lose: for I am based on the true Word of God . my anger is for the innocent blood spilled and the terrible injustices that are committed in an institutional way because of the hidden powers of: International Monetary Fund: ie banking seigniorage. I do not know, what I can do now to please people .. Or, to please them, ie to all peoples, during the massacres of 5.5 billion of people, in the 3 rd WWnuclear all dead. for to end a war totally and hell total: for to find that the whole human race has become one only herd of slaves, and that Satanism: it became the official religion, as in the days of Jezebel, to live or die! but I am a man of faith and I to pull God for the his shirt, because he will grant me all my killing of the Satanists and all their accomplices, every day.
open letter to: [[Giordania, Siria, Libano]] in this video: "Julius Streicher, parla, della questione ebraica" SAID: se, il popolo tedesco spezzerà: il dominio ebraico: nel Paese, allora: sarà libero dalla schiavitù: 1. economica, 2. politica, 3. intellettuale, di un sangue e di una razza stranieri. La questione ebraica: non è solo: una questione che: riguarda il popolo tedesco, il corso degli eventi nel mondo, dicono, a chi non scappa dalla verità, che, la questione ebraica, è una annosa questione: di tutta l'umanità, la pace nel mondo verrà soltanto, quando i beneficiari finali di tute le guerre(illuminati), non avranno più possibilità di aizzare(USA, UK), i popoli, ormai avveduti. Senza una soluzione della questione ebraica, non ci sarà alcuna liberazione della umanità! --ANSWER--@ "ComunitAebraicAroma" -Hitler said: Without a solution to the Jewish question, there will be no liberation of humanity! - ANSWER - GREAT! So the solution: "Holocaust", was only: a consequence of the Anglo-American aggression (with auto attack on the ship "Victory", as a 11-09?)! WRONG! There has been much of do this aggression is been derived, ie, against all peoples, by the French Revolution: as already denounced by Dante Alighieri: in the "Divine Comedy", where the jew Rothschilds, etc. .. the genocidal banker carries on, as always, his hatred for the destruction of Christianity! and then for the destruction of the identity of peoples. because that speech about "race" and "blood" (as Hitler did), - is the talk of the satanic Talmud, that the Nazis have been looking at this shit Pharisaic: ie, evil of racism in the Talmud, a solution to the problem of bank seigniorage. with the criminal strategy to destroy an innocent people, because unconsciously: since the majority of Jews at Auschwitz were unconsciously of why, so much hatred against them. What is going to come into the world? is too scary to be able to tell! All the rich Jews and their accomplices rich, masons, ecc.., are massacred by angry people: their silence about the seigniorage seigniorage, transfer at jews enlightened zionist? condemn them: again, one once, at the consciousness of God and at the consciousness of world!