Benjamin Netanyahu vs human sacrifices in Jewish Temple

Benjamin Netanyahu if you go to Ezekiel 43 then you'll see That the heads of the people and the king of Israel they have always made ​​human sacrifices in the Jewish Temple of YHWH
That's why the more bloody persecution anti- Jewish that is the one the Hellenic got really for excuse of an greek "preparation" prepared for human sacrifice in the temple of the Lord YHWH of course these crimes are still happening to tens of thousands for work of the system Masonic That the Pharisees Illuminati Spa IMF have created in the whole world. then Satanism also if is occult however is institutional! So these human sacrifices still occur also in Israel now before your eyes!

Benjamin Netanyahu. [ We have to write the word " end " against labominio of the desolation the Pharisees the Illuminati the system Masonic Bildenberg B also Central Spa and satanic Talmud must be condemned and downgraded! And you all the world communities of Jews you are the first responsible of these crimes and your is the responsibility of face to all kind human being! ] When the Catholic princes discovered the aberrant human sacrifice rituals of innocent Catholic children committed by the Pharisees of the Talmud secret ritual human sacrifice always committed in secret by the heads of the people as is still today too even during the the slavery of Egypt and that they did suffer much Moses Solomon etc...? then the Catholic princes were forced to order the expulsion Jews and this the Rothschilds lit wrong good for continuous at to feed the myth of Nazi- christians. but this is the truth Ezekiel 43 says "7. and he told me " Son of man this is the place. of tea my throne and the place of plants of my feet where i will dwell in among the children of Israel for forever. and the house of Israel not pollute more my holy name neither they nor their kings with the their whoredoms and with the carcasses of their kings on their high places ( ritual human sacrifice ) "8. putting their threshold next to my threshold and their doorposts beside my doorposts with only a wall between me and their contaminating so my holy name with the abominations That committing ( ritual human sacrifice and wear ) so in my anger I have them destroyed. 9. Now turn away from me the their whoredom and the corpses ( human sacrifice rituals) their king and I will dwell in to the middle their for forever. 10. You son of man describe the temple to the house of Israel because they may be ashamed of their iniquities. Ne measure dimensions.. [ [ The first hurdle against the 12 Tribes of Israel not is the King of the Saudi Arabia or the league ARAB the greatest threat against Israel are the Pharisees Anglo- Americans the real masters of the current world That have transformed throughout politics and all governments in an and cynical deadly theater to continue to steal the monetary sovereignty of the peoples that is Satanism that Has taken possession of all religions institutions and governments of all the planet.. and if I am not I will listen? soon the living will envy the dead!

Rohani [ That after he spends 80% of the gross domestic product in arms more sophisticated says: " option military nuclear? Is hallucination " President Iranian whoever sees HAS need of new glasses. 11 February TEHRAN [ so much for begin you go in around with glasses and not I will! and for so much finally you're the Nazi That you can kill the Christians under dhimmi aegis of the United Nations ( the whole system Masonic Bildenberg ) not I! ] The President of Iran Hassan Rohani Has indirectly urged that Barack Obama '' buy a new pair of glasses '' in what the belief That the option military ' can push l ' Iran to dispose of in negotiation nuclear is only a ' hallucination ''.'' It ' happened in the speech for the 35 / o anniversary of the Revolution Iranian [ [ of religious maniacs absolutely criminals throughout sharia That tearing apart the world attravero your galaxy jihadist for the sharia imperialism for pretending of hate between of them. as to say between the wife (Iran) and husband (Saudi Arabia) Israel not we must put the finger head and all the rest! if it was for me? you were already dead! you do turn pale the hyenas! ]]

11 February 1New DELHI [ I vito poisonous snakes and elephants kill for revenge the Christian martyrs innocent Dalits. ] Ten people are were ucciif from tigers in the past six weeks in the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and of the Uttarkand. The final event Sunday. in reserve natural of Corbett one of the most important areas dedicated to the protection of this feline. Since weeks the guards foresters are to hunt of one female the "Queen mysterious " of four years and 200 kilograms of weight That Has anyone ever and That sowing panic December when HAS the torn his first victim.

Benghazi. [ Asked by Niger an armed intervention in Libya for eradicate terrorist groups [ die dhimmi infidel traitor of a 1. jew 2. Christian 3. secular Muslim under the auspices of the United Nations sharia imperialism for the worldwide caliphate of al- Qaeda! ] That naive but not move leaf That Rothschild's not fancy! The system Masonic Bildenberg is creating the conditions for render inevitable the war world because if not are killed at least 2miliardi of people? Then the IMF the International Monetary Fund will be forced to reveal its fakes budget certainly not you like see collapses the IMF the Fed the ECB without the conspiracy of Satanists Masons as governments could survive?! 06/02/2014 L'Osservatore Romano. Has the Government of Niger asked the armed intervention of the West in Libya for eradicate the threat scope terrorist groups That after fall of Gaddafi have established bases in the south of the country. "The power That macaws occurring for overthrow Colonel Gaddafi now they have to ensure assistance to the new authorities ' HAS said Minister of the Interior Niamey Massoudou Hassoumi in an interview to Radio France International. "It would be absolutely legitimate for the France or the United States to intervene for eradicate the threat terrorist in the south of Libya " Has the minister reiterated That is to Paris in visit the official. Meanwhile at least one dozen of students are That were wounded after a bomb is was launched inside of a school to Benghazi.

[ La congura the captive- communists That have hidden sinkholes for 50years. is was an of murder was as as the the Holocaust as11 -09 as the 666 IMF macaws were made to kill by the communists as today are made ​​to kill the League Arab of course under the auspices of the United Nations ] Foibe of the day I remember to Rome smeared monument. Ceremony with the Senate and Napolitano Letta. To fat Bazovica ' it is of trying to forget '. February 10 16:53. The drama the Foibe CARD. The president Fat ( hypocrite and liar in fact belongs to conspiracy of the silence about the biggest crime of the history of the kind human That HAS and wanted to each planned extermination and holocaust that is the crime of Satanism of the bank seigniorage ) to Bazovica Watch the photo 1 of 8 the President to grease Bazovica. Foibe Day of the I remember to Rome smeared monument. '' We have to say That for it is too long sought of to forget and this not should more be done.'' The President of the Senate Pietro Grasso and ' expressed so' visiting the national monument of the Cave of Bazovica. '' This is the meaning of the my presence here.'' "We must stand united in defense of our values ​​." ( Masonic values ​​? Because the only value trumpeter and the Europe HAS in common are the values ​​Jewish- Christians! ). " We can not forget or delete nothing " has added urging young people to " become witnesses" ( but is precisely the system of Masonic B also Central from he represented today That Has blurred memory for 50 years he belongs to the dome mafia institutional most dangerous of the history of the kind human the NWO ie system world just the system that's why you're all for die for!). Blah blah blah but then the system belatedly wants arouse an instinct nazionanalista exasperated ridiculous anachronistic That to become the ideological clash the claims territorial for open the door conflict of where only the bankers need! Because one thing positive this Europe of gay Masons the Has made that is break down the borders and give a consciousness unitary false because it is based on the economy and on relativism. Splattered monument to Rome E ' was daubed with paint white monument to Rome in memory of the victims of sinkholes located at of the meter Laurentina. The gesture is made just in occasion of the day of the remember the Foibe and for the Julian- Dalmatian populations. On the spot macaws were found leaflets entitled ' No to the day of the I remember revisionist '. "Also this year we celebrate our day of the remembrance sanctioning place names apologetics of the colonial past of this country we read in the flyer in day in where and institutions all political parties are scrambling to participate in to the celebrations of the so-called julian- Dalmatian exodus we insist remember everything. to those That today speak of ' thousands of infoibati ' no cloth of evidence historical we respond by striking symbols of this operation nationalist and anti-Communist. today we remember our strength that was that partisans and Italian Yugoslavian that fought against the invasion the Nazi- fascist. " The leaflet ends with the written ' Death to fascism freedom to the people '
"The day of the souvenir " in memory of victims sinkholes of the exodus Julian- Dalmatian and the story of the border east came up with the law in 2004. At the celebration take part too the President of the Association the National Venezia Giulia and Dalmatia Antonio Ballarin Professor Luciano Monzali of the University of Bari and the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Marta Dassù That HAS expressed "firm condemnation" of the for government for in writing against julian- Dalmatian and against the Italian apparif the monument of the Capital. Ceremony to Bazovica The solemn ceremony the Cave of Bazovica plateau karst Has open this morning to Trieste the celebrations. The ceremony HAS seen participation of civil military and religioif That paid tribute to the victims of sinkholes. In the course of the ceremony is was delivered a honor of the President of the Republic to Sergio Bavdaz son of Joseph who was killed by an attempt to Monfalcone (Gorizia). The bishop of Trieste Giampaolo Crepaldi HAS celebrated Mass explaining That '' the tragic experiences they have to grow in we will awareness of the of the respect human dignity '' citing some words of Pope John Paul II. In the afternoon Cave of Bazovica is given the president of the Senate Pietro Grasso.
[ ] This is the TRUTH The earth of police commissioner THE MARTYR Has The PERMIT SALVATION of 200000 JEWS That fleeing from the BALKANS but if I'll skip THOSE HEROES anger of HITLER (Thanks Alla organization secret That Palatucci hAD MADE ) HOWEVER THEIR not were able to escape at IRA PHARISEES oF ANGLO - AMERICAN tHE ILLUMINATI of the system MASONIC and of SPa B also CENTRAL BANK WORLD INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND.

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Since cubist at the convent. Sister Anna now teaches to dance love of God
alive! is inside of me! Only That I was far away from Lui.D. I was far from God in That sense? R.... I had a point to the world of the show because attracted by models That commodified and mortify the beauty.
December 10 2013
AFRICA / CENTRAL Bangui an and missionary his " guests " as you live in an with the convent in 2000 displaced
students in the convent Notre Dame du Mont Carmel of Bangui capital of the Republic Central where the... city. The convent he says That the missionary work in Central Africa from 4 years old he was welcomed to n nucleus... displaced persons in the convent to which they are add-ons followed hundreds of other people. " We welcomed them... the rest of the world he concludes " We know That we are people That pray for us. to all of them I say thank you! "
June 24 2013
Syria Rebels attacked the Convent of Saint Anthony to Ghassanieh. Killed an religious
The country the Franciscan Monastery of Saint Anthony of Padua to Ghassanieh in the valley of the Orontes to 120 km... around the world. " The news released this morning is was confirmed by father Pierbattista Pizzaballa guardian... for our convent reasons of security because it was an monaco hermit. It ' was killed yesterday by forces jihadist.

KING Saudi Arabia [ KNOW ALL CONVENTI of ENCLOSED macaws OF FORTINI to test of CAMICAZE! IF YOU not BECOME THE PRIOR of ALL of CONVENTI ENCLOSED of the league ARAB? ISLAM die with YOU! ] In the heart of Bethlehem for nearly fifty years - from September 17 1949 up to his death August 30 1998 - Mother Saint-Joseph (born Graziella Royal born to Catania in 1927 ) Has lived in the walls of the carmelo "Bambino Gesù " of Bethlehem becoming with your prayer always
attentive to the needs of the Church and of the world an secure point of for reference shared with many her pain for the situation Christians and of the populations of the earth Holy the land of Jesus Alla his figure for nineteen years old prioress of the monastery but it is
was also a nurse always attentive to the needs of the weaker among
the nuns to she entrusted is dedicated edition Italian of the book written by an journalist and German theologian That is to state along witness direct and privileged of the its opera ( Mother Saint-Joseph. Situated in the heart of Bethlehem Canterbury Effatà 2013 pages 79 € 8). We publish the introduction written by the author of the book. There are people whose life not make noise people That not end up on the first page newspapers and despite what a let wake of light in our world so often their. also if he had chosen of live inside the walls of the of Carmel Bethlehem your soul it was open to current events about the Church and the world. the
His prayer for the peace in Earth SANTA HAS certainly exceeded the spesif the walls of the convent for be listened to by for God the sisters not represented so a superior in
role of prioress as a " sister the more " available to accommodate every pain from the hands
amoroif of God in turn joy and with it then gift. as a nun scelif the party but his
heart has made one true mother for many through your words and for your actions. His smile That drew origin from an intimate relationship with deep his Lord mirrored something humanity and of amiability when God my numerous meetings and interviews with mother Saint Joseph I had the possibility of visit of in front to a personality That recognizing in the next an icon of Jesus a woman consecrated That not HAS never diminished the value of one person work valued on the contrary anyone he met. Thanks to his positive attitude is now for many people situations a hard driving toward the love of God That wins all darkness. if you volesif summarize your life in a phrase not there would be quote most appropriate of the verse section from the Gospel of John "Nobody Has an love more large of this to your life for his friends " (John 15 13). Forif mother Saint-Joseph not will rise ever officially canonized but in my heart in one of the my family and in one of many friends is already been declared blissful from long time. is as if from up there to tell us "God is Love. Remain united to me this Love. and since I are already with God there are again the nearest of before. Because love and the soul not perish. "

11 February Datagate born ' for Intercept'sito moles ( democracy PATRIOTS AGAINST THE nwo and The SPa B also CENTRAL system and MASONIC SATANIC. ) WASHINGTON [ but should haker know as dodge every trap that is not putting anything online! lol. A.I. aliens? look! ] Glenn Greenwald Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill reporters That and have collected the widespread revelations of Edward Snowden launched ' The Intercept ' the first ' digital magazine ' that reads editorial of presentation aims of ' defend the freedom ' of printing from whoever wants to violate '. of that is of an the site where thanks to new technologies it is more ' easy for any ' mole ' spread in security and anonymity to their confidential documents large print.

11 February Mali team of the ICRC kidnapped by jihadists ( all news That like at the King Saudi Arabia) BAMAKO The Movement for the uniqueness and the jihad in Africa western ( MUJAO ie global caliphate univicato Iran League Arab Saudi Arabia for betray Israel under the auspices of the UN) HAS today claimed the kidnapping of the north of Mali a team of the international Committee of the Cross red ( ICRC ) dispersed from 8th February. " We took an of 4x4 enemies of the with Islam their accomplices " HAS said the person in charge of the movement Abdoulsalam Yoro adding That " are alive and good health." On Monday the ICRC had announced of have lost contact with an with vehicle 5 to Malian border

11 February [ all bad news That they will always say to Kerry you're the traitor murderess under the auspices of the United Nations when will be placed under indictment the Sharia law mother of each jahdista terrorism? ] Israel Raid on Gaza after rocket launch GAZA [ we want all for all that one earth Palestine for two peoples but the sharia must be criminalized in around the world in contrast the Palestinians should be deported and you have to do the war world for kill as 2miliardi of dogs innocent Muslims that then is just that that Optionally Iran and Saudi Arabia joint that is their plot with the damage of the Rothschilds gender human! ] Aviation military Israeli Has conducted in the night two air raids on the Gaza Strip of Gaza without cause casualties. Make it known sources of security Palestinians. Has The Israeli army confirmed the attacks pointing out of have them executed retaliation at the launch last night of an missile from Gaza Strip to the south of Israel That not HAS caused no casualties. According to the the same source the raids have hit an rocket launchers and an underground " the site of terror."

February 11 35 / or Revolution an event Teheran ( all the party of the Nazis religious maniacs murderers of dhimmis under the timid aegis of the United Nations all the crime of the sharia for the global caliphate! ) TEHRAN FEBRUARY 11 in at of the 35 / o of the anniversary Revolution Islamic Iranian That resorts today at least tens of thousands of people are flowing in the huge square Azadì of Tehran for one event celebration. The climate is of party with songs amplified speakers banners and especially green yellow and a cascade of colorful balloons and sheets of paper silver coming down from monument tower ( tower of babel where hang even the Pope very soon! exult all Satanists Pharisees Anglo- Americans everything is for the edification of the unique realm of Satan ) the " freedom " (which is denied and every concept every meaning under the auspices of the UN) that dominates the square.

Benjamin Netanyahu not are proud of me himself of be able to do extend the life of kind human of about more 100 years. but God is so happy so so must be was That fairer either! That is why I am now I have the duty of do raise the standard of the quality of the life for all the people poor and helpless of this planet! but between many flaws I have an honor not I think ever to all the work That I expect still of do it! and second the my personal belief if the settings and cultural political of the my brotherhood universal were you listening to? then no one should be killed he also Rothschild and his league ARAB.. but if someone is going to die then the blame not will have been my!

Benjamin Netanyahu is clear " the identity of each people is an treasure too precious for me! " And in fact I do not macaws Rothschild Spa FED ECB NWO IMF Satanist demons aliens OGM pig men humanity synthetic Morgellons trails chemical etc... etc... That he wants to do of all peoples an only herd of slaves for see raise your new was of Satan! That's why not can realize if his desire first not Has killed all Israelis! Obviously Saudi Arabia shares this project because he believes That this diary Illuminati can be good for he of wait your occasion for satanAllah for worldwide caliphate!

Benjamin Netanyahu "The identity of each people is an treasure too precious for me! ". therefore God bless the Jews That are born in the meat! and for being Jews must be born Jews! but there is an way of birth Jews ( that is an a more mature and spiritual ) according to the spirit and unfortunately few Christians know That is impossible to be Christians if before not it is Jews spiritually. unfounded not Christianity is That one of many Jewish spirituality. and a few Jews know That being Jews in the Holy Spirit ( universalism of the blessings of Abraham ) is the completion of the their Jewishness.

Benjamin Netanyahu also if all hold the finger on the trigger lol. however not I see a lot of like of die in around for love of and Rothschild of all its fake budget IMF scam.. lol. No for he not want to die! That's why when I do these talks I are much appreciated.

Benjamin Netanyahu [ I hate syncretism but is the Bible That invites us to be and hospitable benevolent Israel not Has a law a racist a law different for the stranger as Islam. and if there are the detours in this sense these deviations must be corrected. ] If an jew not include indeed the value of the his identity then as you can open universalism of the his Jewishness? and that can be an imperialistic act only for perverts of the Pharisees the Talmud but in fact this Jewish universalism is an cultural movement and Universal That you see Israel and the Jewish temple not as something of only selfish sectarian exclusive ( only) but of open to brotherhood universal.. This history That the civilizations cultures and religions should fight is only a lie of satan Rothschild and Pharisees Salafis That they are of merchants slaves since always That profit from the predation!

Benjamin Netanyahu then we have in the Bible of the number of multipliers number 1. ( YHWH ) 1x3 = 3 ( Abraham Isaac and Jacob ) 1x12 ( the 12 tribes of Israel) That to turn are the symbol of all the peoples of the world. That is why Israel is the feminine element of God that is represents the entire gender human (as say rightly God is love then all kind human is the object of tea love her! ) / / / so in Apocalisif is said 12x12x1000 = 144000. that is all the peoples of the world throughout the history of the genus human! [ Lol. Obviously I do not I say these things for have read something because as I speak an man That HAS authorities in the Kingdom of God having given to God me a faith creative I can solve all the puzzles theological That blocked Israel. ]

open letter to India [ everybody knows That Rothschild IMF Spa 666 not is an good guy not listen him and listen to me! ] [ I will not I believe That you will easily be able to recover the trust of the the international community! of the offenses you do you've committed all and too many. to start? you are not you have title to judge an in fact occurred the waters international! is an compromise and let them go now Maro you 've already done do their two years of prison unjustly! ] Marò Letta ' Accusation terrorism is unacceptable Italy and EU react '. Yet another postponement. Italy reserves every initiative also to appeal UN. February 10 23:01. Maro ' Mauro violated in respect of two democracies. Maro ' Bonino unreasonable accusation Italy terrorist. Marines we India unfairly. Marò Bonino not are terrorists or pirates. Attachments. Her ACT the law That stuck the marines. " Unacceptable attribution proposal from Indian authorities. Use of the concept of terrorism reject in full Italy and the EU will react." Thus the Prime Minister Enrico Letta said on Twitter request come from the Public Prosecutor's Office Indian of apply for law counter-terrorism against the two marines. The Vice-President of the European Enforcement Has then assured That will do " everything" because there is in fact a " reaction stronger" of the Europe bringing the case "to the attention of the Commission EU ". " I will send a letter detailing to my colleagues HAS ANSA said Tajani for explain the situation and ask new strong actions." The indictment filed in India by the Attorney General That provides of judge the case of two marines " on BAIF of the law piracy (USA) points out then one note of Palazzo Chigi is absolutely and disproportionate incomprehensible assimilates the incident to an act of terrorism. Italy not is an Paeif terrorist. " in the evening the intervention of the representative for the politics foreign European Union Catherine Ashton. The what That " worries of is more the application of the anti-terrorism laws in the case of the marines because" this HAS enormous implications for Italy but also for all the countries engaged in anti- piracy " HAS said in a conference the press. " alliance that we have built in these months is solid the reaction of the High Representative Ashton is was very tough very determined with an appeal to all Member States of putting in an act while ' all possible means "said the Foreign Minister Emma Bonino after the board EU foreign to of the purpose operation of Ashton. Mauro to Delhi violated respect between democracies absence well after two years of Heads of imputation against the marines " is to with fists the state of law and with the accuracy of relationships between two democracies supreme. " Has Lo ANSA said the minister of the Aerospace Defence Mario Mauro to for Delhi be close to "his people" in a FABI delicate of the process. "It's well Italy HAS stressed to to feel your voice of the international community. for the Minister the new reference shows the " fragility" of the justice India. At the hearing the judge Chauhun HAS listened to public prosecution That HAS confirmed request of the application in each of the law for the repression of the piracy ( His act) and the categorical opposition to it as part of the of the lawyer defense Italian Mukul Roahtgi. The Procuratorate General Indian Has presented a hypothesis of accusation based on the Law anti- piracy ( His Act) in a version however " light" without to evoke a request of worth of death. Assuming that is an accusation for violence in BAIF for an of the article the law That involves up to ten years of prison. "We revived with strength request That the marines come back in Italy in waiting of a solution on the process " has said the envoy Staffan de Mistura. The Court Supreme of New Delhi HAS set a new audience for Tuesday February 18th for examining the use of Italian.

Ukraine ultra-right ready to use the weapons! [ Finally the coif they're called for name is a reaction to subdivision of a policy made by the system Masonic Bildenberg of B also Central Spa That they stolen monetary sovereignty and then not will want to talk! power to the people first of all! ] Ukraine paramilitary leaders ready to take up the rifles. February 10 20:12 [of Joseph Agliastro ] KIEV They attacked the policemen deployed to defense the palaces of the power sparking the clashes That they put to iron and fire of the center to Kiev fine January and now say they are ready to take up the guns "if necessary." ares of the paramilitaries ' Pravij Sektor ' ( ' Sector right ) the ultra-nationalist group face grim of the square anti-government Ukrainian That collects the militants of diverif organizations of extreme the right. but in an interview ANSA the leader of the movement Dmitro Iarosh evokes also an input politics after That " the revolution will be successful " and emphasizes the his ' no ' to the hypothetical input of the Ukraine the EU because to he said " would destroy national values ​​" allowing immigration of mass and the wedding including homosexuals. The fifth floor of the palace of the unions is the headquarters of the of the hard core revolt to Kiev. In front of the door there are also pair of guards in camouflage That control who enters and who exits and the corridor is an where bivouac including blankets and bags to hair if it lying down also hundreds of paramilitaries. Someone sleeps has made ​​the round of night. Tens of shields of metal torn from police in combat are aligned with care and leaning to a wall ready to use. and to these are added other dozens of shields of or metal of wood with the trident Ukrainian drawn and again an infinite number of batons helmets and military greens masks gas. Here the police not can put foot not have made it join a few days ago I also when two people are left wounds for a mysterious explosion. and also the journalists must have the permission of the " commander " Dmitro Iarosh. Iarosh 42 Has a kind of study for everything in the palace of the unions themselves. Wear n sweater green olive probably of the army saw That Has the shoulder pads for grades. " The cells of ' Sector right ' are popping up throughout the Ukraine he says proud just as mushrooms after the rain. Difficult to say as many of us now for sure thousands. Only to Kiev there they are to 500 and the Maidan palaces and occupied another 500 are part of the reserve mobile. " The " commander " they say " sure of the success of the revolution. And when you come back on on of the political he adds will be president who is elected by the people. In each case he stresses when there will be peace ' Sector right ' will enter into life politics and we'll see if move one our application to or presidential if support one of the existing policy. " but of Union European Union Iarosh while the protagonist of a protest That is as ' pro- European ' not want to hear "We have to please of the signature of the association agreement with the EU ( which by freezing part of the president Viktor Yanukovich Has triggered the protests anti-government to end of November) but not support the entrance of the Ukraine the EU "because " some of our values ​​may be erased. " The " commander " is concerned in particular That being allowed marriages people of the same sex "In many countries of Europe thunders especially where are to the representatives of the government left are legalized the same-sex unions and this goes against the moral Christian of the the Ukrainian people. " and immigration? " Only if in quote reasonable he says if is not it employment." Anti -Russian name of the Ukrainian nationalism ( concentrated mainly in Galicia appendix West of the Country) Iarosh is then contrary to the EU as a prelude to " a supranational government " perspective That in his eyes threat " the sovereignty " of the homeland.
" The Ukrainians proclaims they fought for for centuries the their independence now not we want to limit sovereignty." ' Sector right ' of the rest is ready to fight again: "if will be threatened our independence or our territory swears the" commander " not only we but also many other Ukrainians imbracceranno the weapons "
Has not for money the dentist eighteen dies for an abscess [ corporation Illuminati Rothschild That HAS stolen monetary sovereignty That he creates money out of nothing and it lends to interest HAS said: " I ​​am me I do not care! " ]. to Palermo. Infection Has reached the lungs. You go the less the doctor for the crisis. "

Rothschild 666 IMF-NWO fuck you god owl Jahbulon or Jabulon it is useless That send me Satan to make me to blow job you know That to me? gays do not like! Rothschild 666 IMF-NWO veterinary to the mierda dios búho or Jahbulon jabulon eg unnecessarily que me Envie to Satanás que me haga a mamada ya sabes this para mí? gays no les gusta! owl god or Jahbulon Jabulon is useless That send me Satan for me an blowjob you know That me? gays not like them! goes you how foutre hibou dieu Jahbulon ou Jabulon the east useless que Satan Envoyez -moi pour me faire une fellatio vous le savez que pour moi? gays n'aiment pas!