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BrotherhoodUniversal (15 minuti fa)
@ youtube -> for all that, we said, analyzed, considered and written? we must conclude that for this: [Account Warnings: 1]? the fundamental right of freedom of speech? ended up in the middle: of the legs of the whores, that: you've got here ... and hookers: you have it too: to be yourself: the son of a bitch, that thou art!

@youtube--> in considerazione, di tutto quello, che abbiamo detto, analizzato, considerato e scritto? noi dobbiamo concludere: che per questo [Account Warnings: 1]? il diritto fondamentale: della libertà di parola? è finito in mezzo: alle gambe delle puttane: che: tu hai qui... e di puttane: tu ne hai troppe: per essere anche tu: quel figlio di puttana, che anche tu sei!
@ Rothschild [Account Warnings: 1]: ---> you do not: You can use me to kill: people .. you can not manipulate me. because, if it is necessary? I know I take responsibility, to kill Muslims, better than you: But first: a massacre of that kind? I have groped the ways of peace: take off before the cock, and let me work!
Now, is a Muslim submitted: to Allah and Islam because he leves Allah? No! He dare not leave Islam, and he is loyal purely out of fear.

The true Bible believer is loyal: to Jesus Christ: purely out of love. 1John4:18. There is no fear: in love; but: perfect love casteth out: fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth in not made perfect in love. 19 We love him, because he first loved us.
---------------There is no love in Islam, but, only fear and hate
@Rothschild, [Account Warnings: 1]: ---> tu: non: puoi usare me: per uccidere: la gente.. tu non puoi strumentalizzare me. perché, se è indispensabile? io so assumermi la responsabilità, di uccidere i musulmani: meglio di te: Ma prima: di un massacro: di quelle proporzioni? Io devo tentare le vie della pace: togliti davanti al cazzo, e lasciami lavorare!

Those who leave Islam are killed in most Isalmic nations.

Those who leave the true Church of Jesus Christ are allowed to do so with no reverge
@youtube: [Account Warnings: 1]: MUHAMMAD Verses: JESUS ​​CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs --->.. la gente vuole comprendere il motivo della tua violenza contro di me? Tu sei un sionista, che vuole finire: di rovinare i musulmani: questa è la mia conclusione!
@Ehi, Rothschild, tu no puoi usare me per uccidere la gente.. in questo modo? Non funziona!

Mohammed's Tomb: OCCUPIED!
Christ's tomb: EMPTY!
Islam must be received, or you can be killed for rejecting it.
The Faith offered by Jesus Christ is for: "whosoever will", to receive, and all men are permitted to reject it. (Revelation 22:17; John 3:16)
@ youtube: - YouTube: reported as inappropriate. [[Account Warnings: 1]]: MUHAMMAD 30: Verses: JESUS ​​CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs ---> What's wrong in youtube?

Mohammed claimed that there was but one God, Allah.
Christ claimed that He was God (John 10:30-31;)(John 8:58-59)(John 5,18; John 14,9)
Islam is geocentric, that is, the whole universe is centered on the Kaaba, and all Muslims pray facing that direction
Jesus Christ is the center of all Christian worship and fellowship, for He is: "in the midst" where his saints meet anywhere on earth.(Matthew18:20, John4,22-23)
SUPERSEXUALFANTASIES I am happy: to see you: after a long time: you are always in my heart and I'm thinking of you often: my friend. It does not matter my channel ... since, it has been consecrated to God, then, this is not my problem, but it is a problem of God. lol. I have already won! hallelujah!!!
@ youtube: - Social: YouTube: reported: as inappropriate. [[Account Warnings: 1]]: MUHAMMAD 30: Verses: JESUS ​​CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs ---> What's wrong in my work?

Mohammed's Mission was to conquer the world for Allah
Christ's mission was to conquer sin's penalty and power by substitutionary atonement (2Corinthians5,21;1 Peter 3:18)
Mohammed considered Christ a good prophet
Christ pronunced Mohammed to be a false prophet(John 10:10; Matthew 24,11)
@ muslmani -> God has given me to you: as a gift, to be your Mahdia, but since you have not been worthy to receive this mercy? Here enlightend used me now: for your destruction!
@youtube:- La community: di YouTube: ha segnalato: come non appropriati. [[Avvertimenti sull'account: 1]]:30 MUHAMMAD: VERSES :JESUS CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs ---> cosa c'è che non va nel mio lavoro?

The Koran (Qur'an)is a terrorist manual which condones figting, conflict, terror, slaughter. and genocide against those who do not accept Islam.

the Bible ia a missionary manual to spread the gospel of peace to all the world(Romans10:15)

@muslmani--> Dio ha dato me, a voi: come un dono, per essere il vostro Mahdì: ma, poiché voi non siete stati, degni di ricevere questa misericordia? Ecco io sono usato dagli enlightend, ora: per la vostra distruzione!
@ youtube-I never thought that you were an anti-Semite [[Account Warnings: 1]]: Against Me: "Verses MUHAMMAD JESUS ​​CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs"
the Koran says: "Fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them"(Qur'an 9.5)

Christ said: "Preach the gospel to every creature"(Mark 16:15)
The Koran says,"I will inspire terror into the hearts of unbelievers"(Qur'an 8.12).

God inspires His terror into the hearts of believers(Isaia8:13)
@youtube- io non avrei mai pensato, che, tu eri un antisemita [[Avvertimenti sull'account: 1]]: against me: "MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs"

Mohammed ordered death to the Jews (see A.Guillaume, The Life of Muhammad, Oxford University Press[1975], p.369).

Christ ordered that the gosple be preached "to the Jew first" (Romans1:16)
The Koran says:"Fight in the cause of Allah"(Qur'an 2.244)
The Bible says:"we wrestle not agaisnt flesh and blood", and "the weapons of our warfare are not carnal! (Ephesians6,12;2) Corinthians 10,4.

@youtube-grazie?! [[Avvertimenti sull'account: 1]]: against me: "MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs"

Mohammed said the witness of a woman was half the value of the witness of a man; and Mohammed said a women goes to paradise because she satisfies her husband sexually(quest'ulma parte? lo dice anche la mia Bibbia)
the Bible teaches that a husband is to love his wife and be willing to die for her. (Ephesians 5,25)
Mohammed called upon his servants to fight.
Jesus said:"My kingdom is not of this word;(John 18:36)
@ youtube-bisgazziere: pimp: what's wrong with you?! [[Account Warnings: 1]]: Against Me: "Verses MUHAMMAD JESUS ​​CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs"
Islam calls on its followers to observe, Five Pillars, while all other aspects of life can be vulgar and not affect the Muslim's prospects in Paradise

The Bible calls on the Christian to submit to the total change of his life by the Spirit of God.. No, area of life and thought is the choice of the follower. (Romans 12:1-2)
the Muslim looks forward to eternity in Paradise where there will be virgins who are used for eternal perpetual copulation
The Bible believing Christian looks forward to being with Jesus Christ and is delighted with that.(2 Corinthians5,8)
@youtube- bisgazziere: lenone: cosa c'è di sbagliato con te?! [[Avvertimenti sull'account: 1]]: against me: "MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs"

*Moammed hated music
* Jesus and His disciples sang hymns, and the Apostle commanded the Lord's Church to sing.(Matthew26,30, EphesiNS 5:19, COLOSSIANS 3,16)
++ Mohammed allowed that a Mullah, Imam, or Mufti can be a terrorist and moral animal like Osama bin Laden
++ The Bible requires that a leader in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ must be above reproach, and when this is not true, Christians demand such a fallen leader be removed from leaderschip.(1 Timothy 3,1-7; 5,19-20)
@ youtube-this time? ever, I would have thought that, you could descend so low! You have reached the bottom of your drain! You killed the truth: democracy now! You have suffocated, the innocent blood of the true Christian martyrs! [[Account Warnings: 1]]: Against Me: "Verses MUHAMMAD JESUS ​​CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs"
*Many Muslims are peaceful and peace-loving becouse they do not strictly follow the teachings of their founded
*Many christians are peaceful and peace-loving becouse they do strictly follow the teachings of their founded (Romans12,17-27)
+Mohammed said the Koran is authoritative only in Arabic, and only in his dialect.
+the Bible is authoritative in many languages around the world, for God knows all things and can inspire His Word in more than one language
@youtube- questa volta? mai, io avrei potuto pensare, che, tu potessi scendere, così in basso! tu hai toccato il fondo, della tua fognatura! Tu hai ucciso la verità:la democrazia, adesso! tu hai soffocato, il sangue innocente, dei veri martiri cristiani! [[Avvertimenti sull'account: 1]]: against me: "MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs"

Modern day disciples of Mohammed respond to the terrorist attacks by cheering in the streets.

modern day disciples of Christ are deeply grieved at pastatrocities carried out by those who were "Christians" in name only(the crusades, the Spanish Inquisition)
@ youtube-a satanist gay, like you? you're not in the position: to regulate: someone like me! stop: to punish me, and this is my warning to you! [[Account Warnings: 1]]: Against Me: "Verses MUHAMMAD JESUS ​​CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs"

Modern terrorists derive their inspiration from Mohammed: and carry out their desplicable atrocities: in the name of his God.

Christians derive their ispiration, from the One who said: "Blessed are the peacemakers" (Matthew 5,9)
@youtube- un satanista di gay, come te? tu non sei, nella posizione: di disciplinare: uno come me! smettila: di punire me: e questo è il mio avvertimento: per te! [[Avvertimenti sull'account: 1]]: against me: "MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs"

Mohammed declared a holy war (Jihad) against infidels
Christ achieved a holy victory on Calvary's cross(Colossesi2,14-15)and his followers share in that victory (John16,33 )

Mohammed: constrained people by conquest
Christ constrained people by love "(2 Corinthians 5,14)
hey-this @ youtube: Muslims? kill me, 300 Christians every day! At this rate? You're going to close, another channel for me! but, then, will the Holy Spirit, to shut you: with the stone of a tomb !->[[ account Warnings: 1]]: Against Me: "Verses MUHAMMAD JESUS ​​CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs"
Mohammed was swift to shed blood (Romans 3.15-17)
Christ shed His own blood for the salvation of many (Ephesians 1:7)
Mohammed lorenzojhwh as: the UniusREI: preached: "Death to the infidels!"
Christ Prayed "Father, Forgive Them, for They Know What They Do not" (Luke 23:34)
Hey, muslims of Sharia law: when you decide to go out, from your curse? make it known to me: because I am the Mahdi
hey @youtube-questi: musulmani? ammazzano a me, 300 cristiani ogni giorno!! Di questo passo? tu finirai per chiudere, a me un altro canale! ma, poi sarà lo Spirito Santo, a chiudere te: con la pietra di una tomba!->[[Avvertimenti sull'account: 1]]: against me: "MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs"
Mohammed conquered his enemies with the sword
Christ conquered his enemies with another kind of sword, the sword of the Holy Spirit, which is the Word od God (Hebrews 4:12; Acts 2,37)
Mohammed said to the masses, "Convert or die!"
Christ said: "Belive and live!"
Ehi, muslims of sharia: quando, tu deciderai di uscire: dalla tua maledizione? fallo sapere a me: perché: io sono il Mahdì
hey @ youtube-Satanist, but. lol. Also you are muslim murderes !->[[ account Warnings: 1]]: Against my: Verses MUHAMMAD JESUS ​​CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs!

Mohammed Practiced Force
Christ preached FAITH (John 6:29,35)
Mohammed was warrior
Christ is a deliverer (Col.1: 13; 1Thessalonians)
Hey, muslims of sharia: the FMI_NWO: uncle: he is coming to take your trophy:

hey @ youtube-Satanist, but. lol. Also you are muslim murderes !->[[ account Warnings: 1]]: Against my: Verses MUHAMMAD JESUS ​​CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs!

Mohammed and His fellow warriors Murdered Thousands
None But Christ saved many Murdered
Mohammed's method was Compulsion
Christ's aim was voluntary conversion (Acts: 3.19)
Hey, muslims murderes: after me? He is: Uncle Tom: 666+322!
hey youtube-@ I knew you were a satanist, but. lol. but I never imagined that you were also a Satanist account of Muslim !->[[ Warnings: 1]] Against my: Verses MUHAMMAD JESUS ​​CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs!
Promoted Mohammed Persecution Against the Infidels
Christ forgave and converted the chief persecutor (1 Timothy 1: 13-15)
Mohammed was the taker of life
Christ was the giver of life (John 10:27-28)
Hey, muslims murderes: after me?
He is: 666 +322 for you with love
@youtube-->[[Avvertimenti sull'account: 1]] against my: MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST: muslims Kill the Christian martyrs!

Mohammed's disciples killed for the faith
Christ's disciples were killed for their faith (Acts 12,2; 2)+(Timothy 4,7)
Ehi, muslims murderes: after me?
came 666Rtihscild and 322Bush
ie 3°WWnuclear for you
@youtube--> cosa dice il video che tu hai distrutto? MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST: Kill the Christian martyrs[[Avvertimenti sull'account: 1]]

Jesus was sinless: 1Petre 2, 21-22
Muhammad was sinful surah 18-110
Muhammad was the prophet of war
Christ is the Prince of Peace Isaia 9, 6-7
--ANSWER--> DOPO DI ME? arrivano i bombardieri di Rothschild: warnig Muhammad!
@youtube --> cosa tu hai fatto ancora? contro di me? [[Avvertimenti sull'account: 1]] 30 MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs 01 luglio 2011 11:45 (PDT) | La community di YouTube ha segnalato uno o più dei tuoi video come non appropriati. Quando un video viene segnalato, viene esaminato dal team di YouTube in base alle nostre Norme della community. Dall'esame è emerso che i seguenti video presentano contenuti che violano le presenti norme, pertanto sono stati disattivati: | Rifiutato (contenuti non appropriati) | Video bloccato in alcuni Paesi. Visualizza info copyright. ---> ma è questa la verità che a te fa tanto paura?
u luv me
BrotherhoodUniversal (2 giorni fa)
I am seriously thinking to get out of youtube for the next two months, will more intense, the my prayer and my determination biblical.
but, my spirit is here! I will not cease so to work in mode supernatural, spiritual and political, for all outlooks and for the objectives, of this ministry. to God only all the glory! @Satanist and @all shit of @sharia, @masonry, @zionisti, @criminal, @aliens, @enlightened, @demons, ecc.. you do not feel better, because even if I am a man severe? However, my presence is blessed and benign ... all of you, the whole world? will remain under the weight of my anger because I am the only man who is the metaphysical!
BrotherhoodUniversal (2 giorni fa)
@MistafiedNeedsAJob, ie GRIMSREVENGE253. you're not all people! you said: "Ladies and Gentlemen", do you think youtube is a theater? but that's what the enlightened have created: that is, the virtual image of the company: so in this way we are all in a cartoon, and only the enlightened invisible: they have the truth of history: that is a real life!
and you think, make up, me too, in your theater? but this can not make me a man: "happy" in fact it is just impossible! Why do all politicians, doing the dirty game of politics without monetary sovereignty? they deceive the people who do not know, like, all politicians are the only actors who deserve to be executed, and in fact, we're all going to die
BrotherhoodUniversal (2 giorni fa)
[[] humanism is at the end []] Therefore, even though I may seem "bad" or I may seem, the "vendicatore", of the 160,000: Christian martyrs, each year: victims, absolutely: innocent? is not! Why, God has loving: for martyrs and for their sacrifice, as a burnt offering of innocent lambs. but, this vile bloodbath? must stop immediately! why, I'm trying, so desperately to save the Islamic civilization and through her the future of all other civilizations, as well as communism: also. not continue at be obstinate in your wickedness, for to declare to God, that, are worthy of Being massacred.
BrotherhoodUniversal (2 giorni fa)
@ Mistafield: ie: GRIMSREVENGE253 ie, youtube ->
For that matter, that your beautiful wife, had to leave you?
you enjoy doing and take: to give and receive: as big a pig!
You want to be passive and active at the same time .. but this can not be just a game, and soon the your soul will be with Satan

If you hope, in an my favor, for you?
You're crazy!